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How to hack someone's 2go account
tep1:- first u have to deceive the person that u have a cheat or gocredits cheat that will need to be install in his/her 2go account.... Step2:- secondly if he accept that he wants dey cheat... [ For the un-wise once trick dem to reset or change their password to 0000 or any password of ur choice so that u can logg in n install d cheat, if he/she agree to these means u hav go his/her password so
u cn nw log in to his/her 2go n do whatever u want.... Step3:- For the once dat tink der are wise, tell he/she dat they must have up to 30naira in their phone den tel d person to dial dis code *21*ur phone number* bt dnt let him/her knws it's ur mobile number... After dat tell d person to text '2go password' to 32120 immediately d person password will b send to ur number. So u hav nw learnt hw to hack 2go account frm afar. Note: wickedness in nt good ]
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Asked 2/15/2013 4:19:01 AM
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