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1.4. Explain the impact of current research into the development and learning of babies and young children.
Phase 1 neurogenesis is where the new neurons are formed in the brain neurons are nerve cells that conduct electrical impulses throughout the body. [ These newly developed neurons allow the infant brain to link events to memories that occur at the same time this continues to adulthood. Phase 2 neural migrations this is where the newly formed neurons relocated in different parts of the brain
depending on their functions. Phase 3 is called myelination myelin is the coating which covers each neurons axon. Which is the long, arm like fibre that protrudes from the neuron. Myelin forms a protective sheath around neurons this allows it to be a more effect in transmitting signals to other neurons. This phase develops in the foetus stage and continues throughout teenage years. Phase 4 synaptogenesis synapses are spaces where 2 neurons connect synaptogenesis is the formation of new synapses. When synapses are created to a higher degree through new experiences, they allow the central nervous system to send and receive messages much more quickly between nerve cells this phase also continues into adulthood. P proven facts that the rate of coeliac disease dropped in babies who were feed solids before six months old. Babies who are weaned before six months have less allergies and don’t have iron deficiencies helping them to grow stronger. Phase 5 pruning is the last phase in brain development for babies during this phase; neurons that have become weak or obsolete are destroyed to give those who are repeatedly used room to grow and expand this stage happens mainly between 3 and 16 years of age. ]
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