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Q: Hitler ruled as a dictator and: appealed to the continental glory that was due Europe announced that Gypsies and Slavs were exempt from the fascist "purging" stirred the people to continue to be a
"pure race" allowed travel through Europe Question #2TrueFalse Score: Fascism is usually an agreement between three or more political parties. TrueFalse Question #3TrueFalse Score: A fascist government is usually controlled by a dictator. TrueFalse Question #4TextMultipleChoice Score: One of the prime examples of a fascist government is that of the Italy during World War IIthe Persian Gulf warthe Korean conflictWorld War I Question #5TrueFalse Score: Social reform is a call for change within a country with regards to education and culture, among other things. TrueFalse Question #6MultipleSelect Score: Mark the two TRUE statements. The Axis powers were made up of a coalition of countries that opposed the Allied powers in World War II.Political and economic, but not social activities, are under the rule of a fascism government.Strikes are allowed only in cases of national concern.Hitler's Nazi Party carried many traits of the fascist beliefs. Question #7Matching Score: Matching. 1. had control of communications, military power, and social life. concentration camps 2. detainment centers for many of Hitler's "undesirable" citizens Great Depression 3. result of the stock market panic of the late 1920's Nazi 4. first word of the German title for the politicalNational Socialist Workers' Party Nazi government Question #8TrueFalse Score: Nazism is actually a form of fascism. TrueFalse Question #9MultipleChoice Score: In some forms of government the head of state is called the: gestaposquirechancellorvassal Question #10MultipleChoice Score: Mark the TRUE statement. The fascist government discourages private business.Fascists usually gain power after a country's economic collapse.Hitler led Italy into Fascism in the 1930's. Question #11MultipleChoice Score: The fasces symbol, a bundle of elm or birch rods are bound together by straps with the blade of an axe protruding from the bundle, symbolizes: freedomequalitywealthunity and strength Question #12TextMultipleChoice Score: The atrocity of killing all of Europe's Jews by the Nazi governments was known as the excommunicationfinal solutiondeportation. Question #13TrueFalse Score: Nazi secret police were known as the Gestapo. TrueFalse Question #14MultipleSelect Score: Three personal liberties restricted under fascism include: culturalreligiontravelthought Question #15TextMultipleChoice Score: In the first month of the year 1929193319441935, Hitler became the prime minister. Question #16TrueFalse Score: The first opportunity for the Nazi movement came after World War I. TrueFalse Question #17MultipleChoice Score: Choose the statement that is NOT true. Massive fascist propaganda campaigns sweep the country in order to promote freedom.In business, the fascists will control with an eye to high profits.Children are required to attend educational programs about Nazism. Question #18TextMultipleChoice Score: Might makes rightFrom many, oneIn God we trustEquality for all could be the slogan of fascist governments.
A: Please ask one question at a time.
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Asked 3/15/2013 3:54:05 PM
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