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Q: What methods can an organization utilize to prevent loss of customers?
A: Loss of customers has become the embarrassment faced by many enterprises, most of them also know that customers will lose a huge loss, need to develop business for at least another ten new customers can be compensated. [ But when asked why the loss of corporate clients, many corporate executives bewildered about how to prevent them is fear and trepidation. Customer demand can not be
effective to meet enterprise customers often lead to the loss of the most critical factor, generally in the following areas: 1, unstable product quality, customer interests. With the fresh taste of products and manufacturers of high-rebate policy, Zhang and A beer distributor signed a distribution contract, the first successful test market in the local stock soon. But the second shipment is not stable due to product quality, consumers have shift consumer attention, but under Zhang had to quit the operation of the product. 2, lack of innovation and enterprise customers, "faithless." Any product has its own life cycle, as the market matures and the product price increased transparency, the interests of space products to the customers tend to become smaller and smaller. If companies can not innovate in a timely manner, customers will naturally look for another in his way, after all, is of interest to maintain the best leverage vendor relationships. 3, weak awareness of internal services. Pride employees, customers questions can not be solved in time, consulting ignored, no one complaint handling service is a direct result of low efficiency an important factor in loss of customers. Neighbors are B brand appliances with very few failures, but, a few days before air conditioning is broken, phone finally connected, the results of enterprise sales and services between the Selection Committee, one to two to go, but no matter the delay is resolved . Last neighbors no longer have to swear a B brand appliances. 4, market monitoring, weak, ineffective marketing channels. ]
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Asked 4/5/2012 11:11:44 PM
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