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Q: Explain how knowing the advantages and disadvantages might alter how a person would use social media.
A: Many businesses apply social media as a form of advertising their products and services because it has become a fad. [ However, individuals should understand the benefits and drawbacks of social media advertising, so they would know how it would affect the business. The following are among the advantages of utilizing social media: Grabs the attention of existing and potential customers with
the use of relevant and interesting content Increases visibility of brand, particularly for companies that are new in the business Convenience in responding to developments in the industry Low-cost type of advertising, as compared to promotional activities and conventional marketing strategies Boosts web search traffic, sales, and revenues because of frequent appearance in search results Allows companies to respond quickly to consumer feedback and improve the quality of services based on the clients? recommendations Generates leads when customers discover the company?s website through social media and other channels Strengthens the advocacy of existing customers and increase chances of getting new clients because of networking Although there are advantages in using social media advertising, it is also necessary for business owners to become aware of these possible drawbacks: Necessity for managing a social media network to maintain visibility to the public Difficulty in measuring and comparing the return on investment (ROI) from one channel as compared to the other Possibility of damaging the company?s reputation because of failure to respond to a negative feedback and poor engagement with customers Business owners should be keen on determining the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing social media for advertising purposes. They can come up with the most effective way to market their products and services to the public by tackling the different issues related to social media advertising. Read more: ]
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Asked 6/9/2013 4:00:32 PM
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