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Q: Differences between political party and pressure group
A: A pressure group is an organised group that seeks to influence government (public) policy or protect or advance a particular cause or interest. [ Groups may promote a specific issue and raise it up the political agenda or they may have more general political and ideological objectives in mind when they campaign. Pressure groups operate at Local Sub National (Regional) National International
level (including European Union) PRESSURE GROUPS AND POLITICAL PARTIES Pressure Groups are different from Political Parties (1) Different structures and objectives Parties seek representation and power whereas groups in the main seek political influence. Parties often focus on the national interest whereas groups may be concerned with sectional issues / single issues (2) Which of these differences are most important? There is inevitably some overlap in functions and roles of groups and parties! Importance of political participation at all levels Many smaller parties fight elections but have no realistic hope of achieving political power Some organizational and funding links between some groups and political parties SECTIONAL INTEREST GROUPS Represent common interests of a particular section of society Membership is often closed / restricted Sectional groups seek to represent the majority of their particular group of members Members of the group often stand to gain personally from the success of their campaigns Sectional groups might include; TUC, the Confederation of British Industry, the Institute of Directors, British Medical Association, Federation of Small Businesses, National Farmers Union, the Law Society Royal British Legion, Association of Radical Midwives, British Road Federation, Chambers of Commerce, Society of Motor Manufacturers, Magistrates Association, Chief Superintendants Association Freight Transport Association, Country Landowners, Musicians Union, British Nuclear Test Veterans', Association Royal College of Surgeons CAUSAL PRESSURE GROUPS Causal groups often promote a particular set of economic / politics objectives or ideas. ]
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