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Q: explain the aims and importance of learning provision for numeracy development
A: None of these skills and attitudes are actually new, of course; it's just that in our modern world, in which everybody is connected, where many jobs can either be automated or outsourced and in which information is cheap, everybody needs them, [ so they are skills and attitudes that must be developed in schools. If you look carefully enough at the current English National Curriculum, you can
find many of these skills and attitudes. The problem with it is that the skills are usually blended in with subject content and tend to be at quite a low level while attitudes seem to be the preserve of the PSHE curriculum. For example, in the KS2 Geography curriculum, you have objectives such as "to ask geographical questions for example, "What is this landscape like?, What do I think about it?" What is meant to be developed here are thinking skills. But by combining the skills with the content, emphasis on explicit development of skills is lost at the expense of getting the content across (and often, it's the teacher who will end up explaining what the landscape is like, not the student.) What teachers need instead is an up-to-date list of essential skills and attitudes that can be developed across the curriculum, both the taught and the hidden curriculum, in a challenging and exciting way. Such skills and attitudes are ill-suited to be placed either under subject headings (as many of them were under the current curriculum) or area of learning headings. They need to be emphasised and made explicit, not duplicated from subject to subject and watered down to suit the content. These skills are cross curricular, not subject or area specific, and the attitudes can and should contribute much to a school's culture. ]
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Asked 6/10/2012 3:01:08 PM
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