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how south african teenagers can reduce, avoid, or overcoming risky and unsafe lifestyle behaviour ragarding substance abuse:Alcohol?
There are many ways that you can reduce the effects of alcohol abuse on teenagers, in South Africa and all over the world. [ [ Alcohol abuse can be incredibly damaging to a person, both emotionally, mentally and physically, meaning that it needs to be nipped in the bud as soon as is possible, before they start becoming addicted. Here are some ways to help someone who you fear may be getting
into the lifestyle of an alcohol abuser: Distract them People that become alcoholics are usually feeling very down about something, or just completely unsatisfied with their lives. If this seems to be the case with the people that you are trying to help, it may be an idea to try and distract them from their problems by taking them out for fun days or teaching them a new skill. Try to get them involved with a new hobby, to show them that they can find a new direction in life and don't always need to turn to drink for happiness. This also counts for young people who are just bored due to the lack of social opportunities in their home town, meaning that they turn to drink for entertainment. Talk to them, when they're sober When the person is sober, try talking to them about their problems. It is rare for a person to develop an addiction to alcohol without them having an underlying problem which relates to it. Once this problem has been found and addressed, you may find it easier to help them sort the problem out and move on from it, leaving the alcoholism behind. Try to avoid this discussion when the person is under the influence of alcohol, as they will be more likely to lash out or become emotional, especially if they are a very guarded person. ] ]
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Asked 8/15/2012 3:12:41 AM
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