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Six ways in which learners can prevent dropping out or failing at college or university
The first factor causing many students to drop out of college is lack of motivation. Another huge contributor to the college drop out rate is that many students just can't handle the amount of freedom that they have when they enter college. [ [ This is especially true for students who go to college away from home. In college no one will say anything if you don't go to class. Anther factor
contributing to drop out rates that is related to the problem of handling freedom is the question of how to balance social life with academic life. Many students drop out because they get into a habit of excessive dating and partying and neglect their studies. This can go on for a short period but it will eventually spell disaster for their grades. If you can learn how to budget your time between work and fun then you can avoid this pitfall and avoid failing your courses and dropping out.A huge factor in the inability to complete a college career is the fact that many freshmen do not have the study and academic skills to cope with the increased workload that comes in college. Reading and writing assignments in college are a lot heavier than in high school and classes and lectures are more complicated. Developing proper note-taking skills during or before you enter college could make a big difference. Similarly, perfecting your writing skills will also go a long way to ensuring your successful completion of college. These are some of the main reasons why students face difficulty in college and why they drop out before completing their four year or two year course. There are, of course, other less common ] ]
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