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Describe the impact that personalisation has on the process of commissioning social care
Listen Commissioning for Personalisation: More of the Same Won't Do Introduction This paper follows on from Personalisation - a Shared Understanding1 which provides a statement of what personalisation is, [ what such an approach can achieve and what key areas need to be considered in the development and implementation of a personalised approach. It has been suggested there could be a tension
between the focus on outcomes and improving life choices for people, and the expectations and requirements of the commissioning process. Yet the process and the results from that can impact directly on continuity of care, the wellbeing of individuals and the outcomes achieved. The purpose of this paper is to raise awareness of the implications of personalisation for commissioning 2, explore some of the interdependencies and encourage consideration as to whether current commissioning practice fully supports personalisation and what issues might need to be addressed locally. Personalisation A simple definition of personalisation is that: 'It enables the individual alone, or in groups, to find the right solutions for them and to participate in the delivery of a service. From being a recipient of services, citizens can become actively involved in selecting and shaping the services they receive.' This is important whether someone is taking responsibility for the payment for their own services, such as through Self-Directed Support for example, or are accessing services provided by the local authority directly, or on their behalf. Personalisation has been described as a shift from a consumerist perspective to one of "co-production" 3. Where someone is in need of timely effective services that are personalised to their needs, this is characterised as a "consumerist" perspective. Professionals and practitioners deploy their skills and knowledge in a timely and effective way to solve a problem for the user and the more that is done in a personalised, considerate and responsive manner the better. ]
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