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Q: Standard approaches to waste disposal are generally regulated and managed by the: A. DOT B. FEMA C. EPA D. OSHA
A: Standard approaches to waste disposal are generally regulated and managed by the a. EPA
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User: Standard approaches to waste disposal are generally regulated and managed by the: A. DOT B. FEMA C. EPA D. OSHA

Weegy: Standard approaches to waste disposal are generally regulated and managed by the a. EPA
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User: The chemical agent or hazardous material that interferes with the body's ability to transfer oxygen to the cells is: A. Tear gas B. Hydrogen cyanide C. Nerve agent D. Phosgene 31. Which of the following correctly identifies the four 'routes of entry' for toxic substances into the body: A. Absorption, injection, ingestion, inhalation B. Absorption, injection, insertion, inhalation C. Irritation, injection, absorption, asphyxiation D. Injection, ingestion, integration, absorption 32. The Federal law designed to regulate hazardous waste 'from cradle to grave' is: A. Toxic Substances Control Act B. Safe Drinking Water Act C. Resource Conservation and Recovery Act of 1976 D. Superfund 33. Results of Commodity Flow Surveys can be obtained from: A. LAPD B. LEPC C. FEMA D. SEMA 34. Formal mutual aid agreements with surrounding jurisdictions are seldom if ever needed, since everyone is ready to pitch in when an incident occurs. A. True B. False 35. A toxic accident occurs in your neighborhood. Several adults, teenagers, and small children are present. Which group, if any, would likely be most severely affected? A. The small children would be most severely affected B. The teenagers would be most severely affected C. All would be affected to the same degree D. The adults would be most severely affected 36. You have just learned that a chemical you work with is a mutagen. What effect does this chemical have? A. Increases the risk of physical defects in a developing embryo B. Causes a permanent change in the genetic material (DNA) C. Increases the risk of cancer D. Irritates the lining of the throat 37. If you encounter a suspicious substance, you should: A. Notify the appropriate authority B. Immediately dispose of it yourself 38. A chemical that, in relatively small amounts, produces injury when it comes in contact with skin tissue is known as: A. An explosive B. A flammable liquid C. A radioactive material D. A corrosive 39. Which Federal law is intended to assure, so far as possible, safe working conditions? A. The Clean Air Act B. The Toxic Substances Control Act C. The Occupational Safety and Health Act D. The Safe Drinking Water Act 40. In the NFPA 704 labeling system, a rating of 4 in any quadrant corresponds to: A. A moderately low hazard B. A moderately high hazard C. The lowest degree of hazard D. The highest degree of hazard 41. In-place sheltering is never an appropriate option in an accident involving hazardous materials. A. True B. False 42. An industry's smokestack is an example of what type of source? A. Area B. Point 43. A primary purpose of conducting a hazardous materials exercise is to find out: A. Whether planned procedures work B. What type of incident is most likely to occur C. Which responders should receive raises D. What Federal and State resources could be made available for such an incident 44. The code OXY in the bottom white quadrant of a label conforming to NFPA 704 indicates that: A. The material reacts with water B. The material will explode on contact with air C. The material can easily release oxygen to create or worsen a fire or explosion hazard D. The material is radioactive 45. Besides the LEPC, what local agencies may maintain specific information on industries in your community that use, store, or generate EHS-listed hazardous materials? A. The local public works department B. The local fire department C. The local police D. The local emergency services department 46. Permissible exposure limits are levels of exposures mandated by: A. OSHA B. ACGIH C. USCG D. EPA 47. By reading the placard on a tanker bearing hazardous materials, you can find out: A. The amount of the substance being carried B. The date the substance was shipped C. The hazard class of the substance being carried D. The name of the carrier 48. The key components of a complete local plan include a basic plan, supporting annexes, and implementing procedures. The supporting annexes typically include: A. Lists of people to alert under certain conditions B. Information on how specific functions (such as evacuation) will be carried out for particular hazards C. Conceptual framework for emergency operations D. 'How to' instructions for operating departments or individuals 49. The EPCRA grants citizens the right to obtain information on hazardous materials in their community. A. True B. False 50. The presence of hazardous materials can always be detected by the sense of smell. A. True B. False

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