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Q: Explain 5 factors that contribute to STI's including HIV and AIDS
A: The 2005 Human Development Report identified AIDS as the factor inflicting the single greatest reversal in human development history.1 In most settings, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV, [ spread fastest where there is poverty, powerlessness and instability- these factors are characteristic of displaced settings.2 Vulnerability to STIs for refugees and displaced
persons include poverty, food insecurity, lack of access to health services, mobility and lack of protection against violence and/or exploitation by military, peacekeeping forces and others.3 In some contexts, decreased mobility and access may be protective against the spread of HIV among displaced populations.4 Although refugees may have higher or lower HIV prevalence rates than their host communities, they often suffer from the perception that they “bring HIV/AIDS” with them.5 The power imbalances that make girls and women disproportionately vulnerable to the infection become more pronounced during conflict and displacement.6 Gender-related factors, such as breakdown of social and community structures and increased gender-based violence (GBV), can contribute to the spread of HIV in these settings.7 HIV transmission among conflict-affected and displaced populations is complex. The common assumption that these populations’ increased vulnerability necessarily translates into more HIV infections is not supported by data. Various competing and interacting factors affect HIV transmission during conflict and displacement.8 When planning HIV programming in humanitarian settings, RH officers and program managers must consider: ]
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