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Q: Which of the following would most likely be found near a volcano? igneous rock metamorphic rock chemical sedimentary rock clastic sedimentary rock Question #5MultipleChoice Score: Hydrothermal
metamorphism _____. is caused by a large-scale geological event happens under high temperature and high pressure is caused by friction from moving tectonic plates happens when hot water interacts with preexisting rock Question #6MultipleChoice Score: Granite forms when magma cools slowly underground. Granite _____. has small crystals is an intrusive igneous rock is an organic sedimentary rock forms from regional metamorphism Question #7MultipleSelect Score: Choose all the answers that apply. What are some of the harmful effects of producing and using fossil fuels? habitat destruction increased volcanic activity air pollution add to greenhouse effect water pollution Question #8MultipleChoice Score: Which of the following is the major drawback of wind energy? Wind machines release harmful toxins. Wind machines are harmful to the environment. Wind machines only work when wind is blowing. Wind is a nonrenewable energy source. Question #9MultipleChoice Score: Oil _____. is a renewable resource releases more toxins than coal must be mined from underground can easily be replenished Question #10MultipleChoice Score: Silver is rare, durable, and malleable. It is _____. a gem a precious metal an igneous rock a metamorphic rock Question #11MultipleChoice Score: Color is _____. the most reliable test for a mineral determined by the chemical composition of a mineral the same for all minerals in the same crystal system the same as streak Question #12MultipleSelect Score: Choose all the answers that apply. Which of the following are renewable resources? coal hydropower wind biomass oil Question #13MultipleChoice Score: An unknown rock sample has clasts larger than 2 mm. The sample is _____. sandstone a conglomerate a metamorphic rock unidentifiable Question #14MultipleChoice Score: Sedimentary rocks form _____. layers from heat and pressure from cooling magma from foliation Question #15MultipleChoice Score: Which of the following is the least informative property of a mineral? color luster streak cleavage Question #16MultipleChoice Score: Which of the following statements is true? Sedimentary rocks form from weathered rock and other particles. During the rock cycle, igneous rock is weathered into metamorphic rock. Minerals with cubed crystals belong to the orthorhombic crystal system. Natural gas is formed from inorganic material. Question #17MultipleChoice Score: Which of the following is the most commonly used renewable energy source? hydropower wind coal natural gas Question #18MultipleChoice Score: Intrusive igneous rocks _____. form from confining pressure cool quickly on Earth's surface cool slowly beneath Earth's surface form layers called foliations Question #19MultipleChoice Score: Minerals _____. can be gases must be inorganic can't be compounds are the same as rocks Question #20MultipleChoice Score: Directed pressure causes _____. foliation large crystals sedimentary layers air pockets and gas bubbles Question #21MultipleChoice Score: Which of the following statements is true? Minerals can be solids or liquids. Minerals must have a homogeneous chemical composition. Evaporites are a type of metamorphic rock. Contact metamorphism is caused by large-scale geological events. Question #22MultipleSelect Score: Choose all the answers that apply. Natural gas _____. is renewable releases carbon dioxide when burned releases fewer toxins than coal must be mined from underground forms from organic remains Question #23MultipleChoice Score: How are gems different from regular minerals? Regular minerals are less common than gems. Regular minerals are more durable than gems. Gems are more valuable than regular minerals. Gems are more malleable than regular minerals. Question #24MultipleChoice Score: About half of the electricity in the United States is generated using _____. natural gas biomass coal hydropower Question #25MultipleChoice Score: Which of the following is a description of luster? perfect pink isometric glassy
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