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Q: Identify and describe one environmental problem that causes ill health,accidents,crises and disasters within your community or other community within south africa or globally.!
A: T he world is currently facing an unprec edented health and environmental crisis. Despite progress in both the health and the environment fields, the situation is approaching the brink of global disaster. [ So extensive and far- reaching are the problems that the future well- being of humanity, together with that of many other life forms on the planet, is in jeopardy. On one level, individuals
and communities? especially those who are poorest, most marginalised and suffering the most discrimina- tion?are facing the direct consequences of local environmental destruction, which often result from exploitative business practices and destruc- tive development projects. Those who are worst- off pay with their health for the destruction of their local environment. On another level, people all over the world are beginning to be affected by regional and global environmental changes. These drastic environmen- tal problems, e.g. the changing climate and the depletion of the ozone layer, are mainly the result of unsustainable lifestyles, overconsumption and unhealthy patterns of development. Also these environmental problems are likely to hit the poor and marginalised first?and with the most drastic consequences?but will sooner or later also affect the privileged. Unless curbed (through wide- ranging, structural changes) these global environ- mental trends threaten to cause havoc to whole ecosystems and essential life-supporting systems. This may in turn lead to an immense, unprec- edented crisis for the whole of humanity. It is thus of utmost relevance for everyone in- volved in the People?s Health Assembly to under- stand the links and interconnections between health, the environment as well as underlying factors such as social, political and economic structures which determine the current patterns of development. Ultimately, the health and environ- ment crisis relates to issues of social justice. ]
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Asked 4/21/2012 7:09:39 AM
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