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Q: fema isc 200b answer key
A: What is your question?
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User: fema isc 200b answer key

Weegy: What is your question?
danasalters|Points 450|

User: what is the Fema is200b answer key?

Weegy: Can you kindly be specific on your question please.
bongche|Points 3864|

User: Who generally facilitates the Operational Period Briefing? A. Logistics Section Chief B. Public Information Officer C. Planning Section Chief D. Operations Section Chief 2. Select the TRUE statement: A. Span of control should be established without consideration of factors such as the type of incident, nature of the task, hazards, and safety factors B. Span of control may be extended beyond 1:10 in order to ensure that more resources can be deployed on complex, large incidents C. Span of control is less of a factor of concern for incidents that are resolved within the initial operational period D. Span of control is accomplished by organizing resources into Teams, Divisions, Groups, Branches, or Sections 3. ICS Form 201: A. Contains status information for briefing the incoming Incident Commander or team, or other resources B. Is completed by the Safety Officer in order to address safety concerns and identify mitigation measures C. Lists all resources and organization assignments for the upcoming operations period D. Allows a Single Resource Boss to track major activities during each operational period 4. _________________ means that each individual involved in incident operations will be assigned to only one supervisor. A. Supervisor Authority B. Span of Control C. Unified Command D. Unity of Command 5. Branches within the ICS organization can be established: A. Within Groups to organize resources B. Along agency jurisdictional lines C. Under the supervision of a Leader D. Geographically or functionally 6. Which General Staff position conducts tactical operations, develops the tactical objectives and organization, and directs all tactical resources? A. Operations Section Chief B. Finance/Administration Section Chief C. Planning Section Chief D. Logistics Section Chief 7. Select the TRUE statement: A. A lower ranking but more qualified person may not be designated as the Incident Commander B. When a new Incident Commander assumes command, the outgoing Incident Commander should be demobilized to avoid confusion C. Transfer of command procedures are implemented at the Emergency Operations Center before the Incident Commander arrives at the scene D. Upon arriving at an incident the higher ranking person will either assume command, maintain command as is, or reassign command to a third party 8. The Operational Period Briefing: A. Provides an orientation to individual resources at the beginning of their assignments B. Helps keep the public and media informed about the incident status and operational accomplishments C. Sets forth the specific tasks, reporting relationships, and expectations for support staff D. Presents the Incident Action Plan (IAP) for the upcoming period to supervisory personnel 9. Chris Smith is the Situation Unit Leader. No Planning Section Chief is assigned. Who does Chris Smith report to? A. No Direct Supervisor B. Operations Section Chief C. Incident Commander D. Public Information Officer 10. Who is responsible for determining the appropriate tactics for an incident? A. The Planning Section B. The Safety Officer C. The Deputy Incident Commander D. The Operations Section

Weegy: Please keep one question at a time.
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Asked 2/2/2013 7:05:40 AM
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