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2) Effects of water use and management practices on the environment a) Short-term effects- b) Long-term effects-
Weegy: Effects of water use and management practices on the environment a) Short-term effects- User: Effects of water use and management practices on the environment a)Short-term effects- b)Long-term effects- Weegy: All regions of the world show an overall net negative impact of climate change on water resources and freshwater ecosystems. [ [ Areas in which runoff is projected to decline are likely to face a reduction in the value of the services provided by water resources. The beneficial impacts of increased annual runoff in other areas are likely to be tempered in some areas by negative effects of increased precipitation variability and seasonal runoff shifts on water supply, water quality and flood risks (IPCC, 2007) The future effects of climate change on water resources in the U.S. and other parts of the world will depend on trends in both climatic and non-climatic factors. Evaluating these impacts is challenging because water availability, quality and streamflow are sensitive to changes in temperature and precipitation. Other important factors include increased demand for water caused by population growth, changes in the economy, development of new technologies, changes in watershed characteristics and water management decisions. In addition to the typical impacts on water management, climate change introduces an additional element of uncertainty about future water resource management. Water resources in the United States are heavily managed and supplies are scarce in some regions of the country. Strategies have been developed and continue to evolve to address these issues. Implementation of adaptation measures, such as water conservation, use of markets to allocate water, and the application of appropriate management practices will have an important role to play in determining the impacts of climate change on water resources. ] ] User: Three major types of environmental pollution- Water pollution , Air Pollution, Land Pollution Weegy: the earth it ... (More)
Expert Answered
Asked 4/27/2013 10:58:43 AM
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Evidence that supports or refutes increased global warming predictions and effects
Weegy: The evidence that supports it is that the earth beneath us shows layers of greatly varied weather conditions throughout time, in a cyclic pattern, [ and we are about due for one I guess *shrugs* (I think we are grossly overdue for another ice age by now, something like 2 or 3 times the average time between them has now elapsed without one). This isn't evidence that the current global warming is part of the normal cyclic weather patterns, but it is evidence that that is a very real possibility. The evidence that refutes this claim is that Earth only started heating up after humanity began burning fossils fuels en masse, the more we burn them the more it heats up, there was a large hole in the ozone layer caused by greenhouse gases (or something like that), and those gases were in turn shown to have been formed by humanity, NOT nature, etc... The list is really quite long for why this is almost certainly our fault : D Read more: What evidence exists to support the claim that global warming is merely part of cyclical Earth weather patterns? What evidence refutes this claim? | Answerbag ] (More)
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Asked 4/27/2013 12:27:52 PM
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