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Q: How do you think positive messages could impact a person’s self-picture, outlook and behavior?
A: Outlook is termed as mental view or a mental picture of things or in other words it is the philosophy of life. Our outlook in life steer us on how to correlate with the people, things and events around us. [ Positive outlook in like can help us muddle through the unending challenges, obstacles, troubles and odds. Here is the list of factors that can affect an individual’s outlook in life:
Inherited traits and other features Education or training Experiences in life Religious beliefs Environment (which can be affable, antagonistic, hard-up, enviable, competitive and the like) Family, friends, peers, bosses, colleagues, relatives and relations Media – radio, television, movies, magazines, newspapers and the like Technology – computers, gadgets, internet, mobile phones, devices, equipments. Career and jobsHow we feel about who we are affects everything that we do and say. The sense or worth and value that we attach to ourselves determine the way in which we conduct ourselves and treat ourselves and others. If we see ourselves as being “worth” something and “valuable” in certain ways, it will be reflected positively in our outlook and behavior. Conversely, if we believe that we are “worthless” and have “no value”, those counterproductive beliefs will be apparent in all of our behaviors and interactions with others. SELF IMAGE AND SELF ESTEEM DIRECTLY DETERMINE OUR QUALITY OF LIFE. From the time that we are born we receive messages about ourselves. The vast majority of the earliest and most influential messages come from our parents. The messages that we receive TELL US WHO WE ARE AND WHAT WE ARE WORTH. If we are constantly being told to “shut up”, “leave me alone” and “get the hell out of here” as young children, we learn believe that we are not supposed to have anything to say, we are annoying and unpleasant to be around and that we should not bother other people with our presence. These messages form the foundation and give shape to our self-image and self esteem. ]
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Asked 10/24/2011 11:41:30 AM
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