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In which identify human resource management's role in health care industry. Describe the functional roles of the humn resource.
Human resources departments play a vital role in the health care industry, by understanding the delivery of health care from the perspective of consumers, employees, payers, physicians, and regulators (ASHHRA, 2011). [ It is imperative that the human resources department works closely with each individual involved in the organization to ensure that the organization is successful. The human
resources department works with each employee to help him or her fully understand their duties within the organization. The human resources department helps the entire organization work together to accomplish the overall goals of the organization. The human resources department’s most important role is to find the best and most qualified candidates for the positions in the health care organization. They work closely with those candidates and train them on the duties that the individuals will be carrying out and ensuring that they fully understand their job description. Once an individual starts working with the organization, the human resources department will evaluate him or her over a given amount of time to ensure that the employee is fulfilling his or her duties for the organization. This evaluation will continue for every employee each year up to multiple times in a year. The health care industry faces several challenges, ranging from economic pressures and regulatory compliance issues, to industry consolidation, and a shortage of qualified professionals (Cornerstone, 2011). The human resources department makes sure that the health care organization is compliant with all state and federal laws if any issues may arise. Being compliant is imperative for any health care organization to continue delivering their services to the people which need them. The human resources department will also handle the compensation and benefits of each employee for the organization. This will include salary, medical insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, and retirement packages. ]
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