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Q: Where and how did we practice the policy of containment in the 1950s and 1960s?
A: As United States and Soviet Union emerged as super powers from World War II, continuing to perceive each others’ actions as treacherous and dangerous, [ cooperation between the two countries totally broke down by the year 1947 (“Office of the Historian,” n.d.). Under the leadership of President Truman, United States entered into a Cold War with Soviet Union as the country adopted a strategic
policy of containment, which aimed to contain the expansion of Soviet Union into countries in which United States had vested interests (“Office of the Historian,” n.d.). It was a time when England looked up to United States for assistance as it had not recovered well enough from the financial setbacks of World War II to prevent the fall of Greece to Communism.In 1947, Truman sought support from Congress for a foreign policy which said that United States would intervene and support free people in their resistance against the subjugating actions of armed minorities (“The Truman Doctrine,” 2011). Opponents of this policy felt that other countries would use it as an excuse to financially exploit United States in their efforts to fight Communism. There was a notion that Truman was merely blowing the threat from Soviet Union out of proportion so that he could gain domestic support and spread American influence internationally. In spite of all the criticism, Truman Doctrine went on to become United States’ official policy, which would polarize the world and have far-reaching consequences not just at that time, but also in the future. ]
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