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Q: Godfrey Cass was _____. weak bitter mean
A: Godfrey Cass was bitter.
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User: The novel followed the drama as a major form in England. True False

User: Godfrey Cass was _____. weak bitter mean

Weegy: Godfrey Cass was bitter.
jeifunk|Points 8501|

User: An autobiography is the same thing as a novel. True False

Weegy: Not quite sure what your actual question is autobiography is a book written by and about ones own self. Generally about a persons own life history and or stories from their past experiences.
enjoi_b|Points 0|

User: A book review is a form of _____. synopsis critical essay story Question #17MultipleSelect Score: Select all that apply. What does the gold represent in the novel? a prop for Silas to lean onan ideal worlda substitute for friends for Silasa curse and a blessing for Silas Question #18MultipleChoice Score: Eppie was a _____. happy and content personseamstressherbalist Question #19MultipleChoice Score: An intentional departure from a normal meaning of words is _____. an imagea figure of speecha symbol Question #20MultipleChoice Score: A critique that centers on how the writer says what he says is an _____. interpretationanalysisevaluation Question #21TrueFalse Score: Image and symbol are not the same. TrueFalse Question #22MultipleChoice Score: Molly was _____. Dunstan's wifean opium addicta seamstress Question #23TrueFalse Score: Raveloe is a village distrustful of strangers, but possesses community spirit. TrueFalse Question #24TextMultipleChoice Score: To avoid plagiarism, use quotation marks and either parenthetical citations or works citedboth parenthetical citations and works citedworks citedparenthetical citations. Question #25MultipleChoice Score: The question "What does the writer say?" is a question of _____. interpretation analysis evaluation

Weegy: Please ask one question at a time.
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Asked 1/24/2013 8:54:59 AM
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