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Should lawmakers pass legislation that would: Require manufacturers to install technology that can track vehicle locations at all times (using GPS) in case cars are stolen or are used in the
commission of a crime? Require all vehicle owners and operators to lock their vehicle when it is not occupied? Make it a misdemeanor if anyone leaves keys in the car and a juvenile steals the car and is injured? Make it a felony if anyone leaves keys in the car and a juvenile steals the car and is killed? What liability should owners have if their car is stolen? Should an owner have any?
Aside from the GPS and the Mfg. liability, most of what you suggest is already law in most states.However no protection is granted a juvenile or anyone else who steals it. Two acts are considered to have been perpetrated. [ [ !) the person gets a misdemeanor for leaving the vehicle unlocked or the keys in it. 2) the juvenile should not have stolen the car. What ever transpires after that is
the juveniles fault and he will be prosecuted accordingly. (Society did not take the kid to raise. That is his parents responsibility.) ] ]
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Asked 6/10/2013 9:35:47 AM
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