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what did doctor samuel rawlins invent
Dr. Samuel Rawlins, was one of a group of renowned scientists who has been working towards a consensus understanding of the phenomenon of climate change.
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User: what did doctor samuel rawlins invent

Weegy: Dr. Samuel Rawlins, was one of a group of renowned scientists who has been working towards a consensus understanding of the phenomenon of climate change.
Jkaseno|Points 17|

User: thanks

Weegy: Your welcome! any more question weegy is here to help!
mifaith20|Points 80|

User: so does that mean that he invented the climate change

User: dats not what i asked you

Weegy: With regards to your last question, climate change is not an invention but a theory. And No, Dr. Samuel Rawlins was not one of them. Climate change is a theory, just like evolution is a theory, and relativity is a theory. [ Scientists have always kept things as a theory until it is disproved, or proved to be a law. There is a Very Large amount of scientific data that shows the earth experiences warm periods, and cold periods. The data also shows that after high periods of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, cooling occurs. (Yes, carbon dioxide concentration comes After warming, Not before.) As for who invented it? James Hanson, whose theory Al Gore has swallowed. Hanson has been warning of global warming for years. However, in the late 1970's he was warning us of a new ice age ]
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Asked 10/1/2012 7:38:58 PM
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what did Dr. Samuel Rawlins invent?
Weegy: Dr. Samuel Rawlins, was one of a group of renowned scientists who has been working towards a consensus understanding of the phenomenon of climate change. User: i want something more specific User: so he invented the climate change? User: so hwu Weegy: The Caribbean experienced one of the worst outbreaks of Dengue Fever ever in 2007. [ Given that the Aedes aegypti mosquito is ever-present in our region and that Dengue is endemic throughout, it is a wonder that there have not been more regular outbreaks of the disease region-wide. The question to be asked, then, is why all of a sudden? There is only one clear answer to this: Climate Change. Casual observation over the past decade would have indicated that climate patterns have been indeed changing so this should not be at all surprising. One of the harsh manifestations of that has been more frequent hurricanes and tropical storms, increased rainfall and severe flooding events of hitherto unforeseen proportions. The rainy season too has seemingly gotten longer, so much so that November 30 no longer marks the end of the Atlantic Hurricane season for a region wary about the potential for infrastructural collapse if guards are let down and the oddest of Hurricanes happens to strike in December. Regardless, all of the scientific pointers lead straight to Climate Change. The globe is simply warming too fast! And humans are the cause of this. The simple truth is that even a one degree increase in temperatures in the Caribbean can wreak havoc. Thus, “(we) need to reduce our emissions of greenhouse gases,” Dr. Samuel Rawlins, Professor Emeritus at the Caribbean Research and Epidemiology Centre (CAREC) told the Trinidad Express. There may be a debate as regards the extent of Global Warming, but there can be no issue with the simple fact the earth’s atmosphere is being filled up with carbon emissions that are destroying the ozone layer and subjecting mankind to heat waves that are taking lives ... (More)
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