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Q: Use the Wrap Text icon to _____. modify which graphic appears in the front of layered images modify the picture effects change the way text is wrapped around an object apply WordArt to the
text Question #3MultipleChoice Score: Sizing handles are used in Microsoft® Word® to _____. modify the text sizechange the size of the pagewrap text around a graphicchange the size of a graphic Question #4MultipleChoice Score: Which tab will allow you to adjust the image, change the picture style, arrange the document, and change the size of the image? InsertPicture ToolsPage LayoutFile Question #5MultipleChoice Score: If a user wanted to add artwork to his document to include drawings, movies, sounds, or stock photography, he would select _____. Clip ArtShapesTablesCharts Question #6MultipleChoice Score: To add pictures to a document, the user should navigate to the _____ tab. Page LayoutHomeInsertView Question #7MultipleChoice Score: Graphics used to visually communicate information such as graphical lists or process diagrams are known as _____. SmartArtshapespicturesclip art Question #8MultipleChoice Score: If a user wished to insert a triangle or a callout figure in a document, he or she should select the _____ option. Clip ArtShapesPicturesDrawing Question #9MultipleSelect Score: Select all that apply. The Illustrations grouping on the Insert tab provides options for inserting: shapesstylestext boxesSmartArt Question #10MultipleChoice Score: To add a preformatted sidebar to a document, select the _____ icon. Text BoxClip ArtShapesSmartArt Question #11MultipleChoice Score: To modify a text box, shape, or SmartArt graphic, the user must first select the _____. Insert tabView tabObjectIllustrations grouping Question #12MultipleChoice Score: Text that repeats at the bottom of every page is known as a _____. headerfootnotemarginfooter Question #13MultipleChoice Score: To prevent the header from appearing on the title page of your document, select the _____ option. Different Odd and Even PagesDifferent First PagePosition GroupingPage Number Question #14TrueFalse Score: The Header icon provides a drop-down list of preformatted header options. TrueFalse Question #15MultipleChoice Score: If the Update Automatically option is chosen in the Date and Time dialog box, _____. the date will automatically change each time the document is openedthe date format will change based on the template chosenthe date will appear as the author typed it in the documentthe user will be prompted to update the date each time they open the document Question #16MultipleChoice Score: Header and Footer options are located in the _____ tab. Page LayoutViewInsertHome
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In 1920 was the Nineteenth Amendment added to the Constitution giving women the right to vote ratified.
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