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describing both (a.) the reasons why intelligence tests are administered, and (b.) some of the methods of intelligence testing. Also briefly discuss some of the current controversies about intelligence testing.
Weegy: "If red blood cells were a new drug today, it would be very difficult to get it licensed." ?Dr. [ [ Jeffrey McCullough. IN THE winter of 1667, a violent madman named Antoine Mauroy was brought to Jean-Baptiste Denis, eminent physician to King Louis XIV of France. Denis had the ideal "cure" for Mauroy's mania?a transfusion of calf's blood, which he thought would have a calming effect on his patient. But things did not go well for Mauroy. Granted, after a second transfusion, his condition improved. But soon madness again seized the Frenchman, and before long he was dead. Even though it was later determined that Mauroy actually died from arsenic poisoning, Denis' experiments with animal blood provoked a heated controversy in France. Finally, in 1670 the procedure was banned. In time, the English Parliament and even the pope followed suit. Blood transfusions fell into obscurity for the next 150 years. ] ] User: why intelligence tests are administered Weegy: IQ stands for "intelligence quotient" and is typically found by taking a standardized test that evaluates things ... [ administered the test; an official IQ test administered ... ] (More)
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Asked 7/6/2012 12:43:37 AM
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You find out that a chemical plant is dumping their waste which is causing illness. the types of questions that you asked yourself to ensure that you used critical thinking in your research and analysis of the problem.
Weegy: What could be the effect of the inappropriate disposal of waste to the environment? Do you REALLY deeply investigate things, [ or do you just follow opinions that you adopt from your friends and a couple of professors in college? Or did some author you read influence you and you adopted 90% of what was in the book without ever checking his sources and learning enough to decide for yourself? There are always two sides to everything and if you can't actually argue BOTH sides pretty well, then you are just a sheep too. ] ] (More)
Expert Answered
Asked 7/7/2012 2:44:46 AM
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You find that a company’s unsafe chemical-disposal practices may be to blame for the illnesses and are spreading around your community. What assumptions did you have to be aware of to ensure that they did not interfere with your critical analysis of the situation? ·
Weegy: The new method will be able to test for 55 pesticide chemicals, 9 types of ... In turn, the data from the enhanced testing will be collected, analyzed, and ... However, the WTO did agree the US consumer should have the right to know about ..... [ Many of the measures in the bill give farmers a safety net that they might not have ...Food Safety News : Defending Food Safety ] (More)
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Asked 7/7/2012 4:10:02 AM
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