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•With online transactions growing, so too are the precautions necessary to maintain Internet security. Discuss the personal measures students can take to maintain Internet security. Discuss the
measures that businesses must take to maintain the integrity of their online transactions.
The first and most important rule: NEVER enter your information on a site that you do not trust. When typing in personal information (credit card numbers, social security numbers, etc.) always you a virtual or onscreen keyboard. [ Keyloggers can not detect these. Check the reviews on a site before entering information. If the site gets a lot of bad reviews or has never been heard of, I would
think twice. Get an internet security software to tell you if sites are safe, remove and prevent Malware, etc. Virtual keyboard: Check a site's reputation: ]
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The growing trend among retailers is e-commerce, or etailing. While there are many benefits to online shopping, some target markets just do not transition from physical stores to online shopping very well. Discuss the pros and cons of the two forms of retailing and the possible target markets for each.
Weegy: Some pros of e-commerce is that it makes it easier for consumers to purchase products. Consumers never have to leave their house or drive anywhere when purchasing products online. This makes it super convenient. [ A con would be that there are many markets that have difficulties selling products online. For example, large items such as hot tubs, lawn mowers, cars, etc. These items most likely have to be picked up locally and therefore cannot switch to eCommerce methods. ] (More)
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