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Q: in the poem alone by maya angelous what types of figuratve languauge was used
A: Maya Angelou used most of the figurative language I know of to write this poem. [ She used rhymes of a simple AB, AB pattern like when she said in the 3rd stanza with one of her end rimes was: "With money they can't use" (and continued with) "Their children sing the blues" She also used personification when she said in the first stanza: "Where water is not thirsty" She wrote repetition too when
she kept saying "alone" and "nobody" in her poem. Finally it also had similes when she said "There are some millionaires" (next line) "With money they can't use" (next line) "Their wives run round like banshees" because here she was comparing wives of millionaires to banshees. And finally Maya used alliteration when she said "alone all alone." There is also some Biblical allusion in her statement where the water is not thirsty and the bread is not stone. Jesus to the women at the well says that he can give her water such that she will never thirst again, and in another section of the gospels, Jesus says that we should pray to receive the Holy Spirit, that God being our father gives good gifts. He goes on to say that what father when asked for bread gives his children a stone instead. I think there is more meaning than just saying that a person can't live alone, I think she means that we as a people can't live without the other people of this world...I think she means that even if you have a great life with a great wife and a great family you still need to exists in the company of humanity. That is why I think she mentions that the human race is suffering and she hears it moaning from the pain of racism and separation due to other prejudice. No race or culture or religious organization can live in isolation from the rest of humanity. ]
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Asked 10/15/2012 2:56:52 AM
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