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explain ways you plan on expanding your network of support
Weegy: Here is long list of ways Darlene Willman has given. First place you can interact with others and ask questions to get to know them. If you belong to a club or organization, try to find one that allows for open talking and socializing. [ [ [ Some networking groups are too structured and don't give you much time to interact. You should look for specific groups that not only have the people in them that you want to meet but also the ability to actually network with them. Get to know people by spending time with them either on the phone or in person. Better yet, try to get to know them online too! Find out where they hang out and plug into their network. If you haven't already set up some profiles online with some social networks, I highly recommend you do it soon. The internet is the best network that was ever created. More business happens online today than in the past couple of decades. Set a goal for yourself to at least attend one function each week and meet at least 10 new people. If you multiply that by 52 weeks, you have now added over 500 people to your database. What about finding 10 people to network with online too? Now you've added over 1,000 people in one year. There are some online social networks like Twitter that can add over 100 new contacts automatically per week! Do the math on that and tell me how many people that ends up being in your network in a year. The point I'm trying to make is you should always be looking at how you can add quality connections to your network each week. I make it a point to attend conferences, trade shows, workshops and seminars where I meet other like-minded people. I'm not interested in just adding a name to my list but finding a strong, dynamic individual that I can relate to and who understands me. People are meeting everywhere from social gatherings to structured business networking. If you're just beginning to network, I would suggest joining a local BNI (Business Network International) group where you'll ... (More)
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Asked 7/29/2012 8:46:47 PM
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