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Q: five statements which are TRUE. To vote a split ticket requires a knowledge of the qualifications of every candidate. An independent is a voter with no party affiliation. Only the names of the
candidates for the highest offices appear on the long ballot. One way to cut down on the number of elections would be to lengthen the term of office for elected officials. The whole House of Representatives and one-third of the Senate are elected every two years. All state officials are elected every two years. The President and Vice-President are elected once every four years. Question #9MultipleChoice Score: Which was NOT true about the Alien and Sedition Act ? The President was given power to deport any alien he deemed dangerous.The President could give asylum to any immigrant he wished.The President could imprison any editor who criticized him for his actions. Question #10TextMultipleChoice Score: The Prohibition Party was founded for the purpose of preventing the manufacturer and sale of alcoholic beverages. The Prohibition Party is an example of a party formed to help a specific group of peoplea party that has only one goala group that broke away from a major political party . Question #11MultipleChoice Score: How often is the party platform written? every two yearsevery four yearsevery year Question #12TextMultipleChoice Score: The parties have to depend largely on wealthy candidatesdonationstaxationgrants for their campaign funding. Question #13TrueFalse Score: The Republicans have never controlled both the House of Representatives and the Senate at the same time. TrueFalse Question #14MultipleSelect Score: Four distinctive features of the Australian ballot are: it is an secret ballotnames of all candidates appear on a single ballotit is a short ballotit is prepared by the state or county at public expenseit is printed by the state's majority partyit is distributed at polling places by election officials Question #15TextMultipleChoice Score: During the first three presidential elections the electoral collegeCongressRepublicans chose the president and the vice president. Question #16Matching Score: Matching. 1. formed by Theodore Roosevelt in 1912 United We Stand Party 2. Republican President referendum 3. temporary alliance of political parties Bull Moose Party 4. Democratic President Dwight D. Eisenhower 5. formed by Ross Perot in 1992 Jimmy Carter 6. submitting a proposal for voting by the general public coalition Question #17TextMultipleChoice Score: OneTwoThree-party systems are most common in the English-speaking countries of the world. Question #18TextMultipleChoice Score: In the early days of America's democracy, voting was done mechanicallyorallyunder duress. Question #19TextMultipleChoice Score: The two major parties in Great Britain are the Labor and ConservativeMiner'sHigh Court parties. Question #20MultipleSelect Score: Mark the four statements that are TRUE. The Democrats blamed the Republicans for the Stock Market crash of 1929.The Democrats won the Presidency in the 1990's but lost control of the Congress.The Democratic party is the oldest political party in the United States.The Anti-Federalists were one of the first two American political parties; they wanted a strong central government.The "Era of Good feelings" was a period from 1816-1824 where there was only one political party: the Democrat-Republicans. Question #21MultipleSelect Score: Select four third-parties from the list below: ProhibitionNew PartyGreenbackDemocratRepublicanUnited We Stand Question #22TextMultipleChoice Score: The nationalelectioncampaign committee sends political leaders to certain states to campaign for their party's candidate. Question #23Matching Score: Match the words with their definitions. 1. president during the opening stages of the Persian Gulf war faction 2. An issue that may not be agreed upon by many different sides loyal opposition 3. praised for making the economy strong during the 80's Phil Gramm 4. spent over 9 million dollars in his Presidential bid in 1996 controversial 5. takes a firm stand on the program of the administration and publicize its views Ronald Reagan 6. a group that may not be in agreement with the general direction of the larger population George Bush Question #24MultipleChoice Score: Which is a FALSE statement? There are generally between 3 to 5 election officers at each polling place.A primary is an early election in which delegates select and nominate candidates for office.The caucus assures absolute secrecy. Question #25MultipleSelect Score: What are the three ways for a Republican state chairman to become a member of his party's national committee? if most members in the Congress from his states are Republicanif his state has a republican governorby paying party duesif his state cast electoral votes in the last election for the Republican candidateby applying for membership Question #26MultipleChoice Score: The Anti-Federalists would limit the Federal government strictly to: managing of foreign affairscoining moneythe powers the Constitution delegated to itActs of War Question #27Matching Score: Match the terms with their definitions. 1. gathering for the purpose of creating a Constitution which laid down the laws for running the U.S. Constitutional Convention 2. Republican President during the Civil War Abraham Lincoln 3. began as a series of anti-slavery political meetings held in the midwest in 1854 Republican Party 4. free interpretation of the Constitution, allowing the government all powers not denied it loose construction 5. started the Democratic Party Andrew Jackson Question #28TextMultipleChoice Score: The LiberalsDemocratsAnti-FederalistsFederalists believed that the Federal government should possess all powers not specifically denied to it. Question #29TextMultipleChoice Score: The headquarters for both major American political parties are located in Washington D.C.Baltimore, MDNew York City, NYPhiladelphia, PA. Question #30TextMultipleChoice Score: The FederalistsAnti-Federalists believed in a loose construction of the Constitution. Question #31TrueFalse Score: Both the Democratic and Republican parties have a state committee in each state. TrueFalse Question #32TextMultipleChoice Score: If a political party puts the party agenda above the needs of the people it is known as scandal politicsa referendumpartisan politics. Question #33TextMultipleChoice Score: The alternative to voting a straight ticket is to vote a split ticketthird partyreferendum. Question #34MultipleChoice Score: When a person votes in an election using a ballot obtained from his county election officer either in person beforehand or by mail it is called: mail order votingdifferentiated votingabsentee votingalternative voting
A: Please ask your questions one at a time. Thanks.
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