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Write a paragraph of approx 100 t0 150 words to make 5 recommendations how to overcome sexually transmitted diseases hiv/aids
Weegy: Well, overcoming HIV/AIDS lies in the hands of each and everyone of us. It can't be in the hands of the youth alone, though the vast number affected are the youths. [ [ Love for each other is not that an effective way to combating the spread of the malicious disease. i would say enlightenment campaings to the remotest parts of our lands and nations should be the top priority. areas where they are not sensitized about the negative sides of the disease. The only way the youth can be protected from HIV/AIDS is that they are prevented from having extra-marital or other sexual relationships. This is simple, stop the cause and you wont need to spend on prevention items.The answer is simple, but yet very complex.. As youth, we could follow these simple rules... A- Abstinence before marriage B- Be faithful to your spouse C- Condom Use ] ] (More)
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Asked 5/5/2012 3:54:00 AM
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Write a conclusion on how ssexually transmitted disease hiv/aids will change your life style behaviour in the future
Weegy: Human behavior is complex; widespread behavior changes are challenging to achieve; and there are important gaps in our knowledge about the effectiveness of HIV prevention. [ [ Yet the research to date clearly documents the impact of numerous behavioral interventions in reducing HIV infection. We also know that in all cases in which national HIV epidemics have reversed, broad-based behavior changes were central to success. To be more effective in the 21st century, the HIV prevention effort must confront several challenges of perception: misplaced pessimism about the effectiveness of behavioral HIV prevention strategies; unfortunate confusion between the difficulty in changing human behavior and the inability to do so; and misperception that because it is inherently difficult to measure prevention success?a ?nonevent??prevention efforts have no impact. This report from the Global HIV Prevention Working Group (PWG) focuses specifically on behavioral HIV prevention. The report surveys what we know about the effectiveness of behavior change strategies, what we still need to learn, and what we need to do to advance such efforts in coming years. Based on a comprehensive review of hundreds of studies of behavior change for HIV prevention, we find that the evidence base for behavioral HIV prevention is robust, with multiple studies documenting the effectiveness of interventions in numerous settings, among diverse populations, and throughout the course of the epidemic. Our review also indicates that the evidence base is not yet complete, and that important gaps and limitations remain in our knowledge about what works. Maximizing the effectiveness of prevention efforts requires that these limitations be acknowledged and addressed. ] ] (More)
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Asked 5/5/2012 4:04:45 AM
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in 10 -15 lines discuss 5 ways in which the human or environmental global warming impacts on the community.provide relevant sources to support your claims
Weegy: The human impact on the environment has been documented by credible scientists for hundreds of years. Examples are: 1. [ Habitat destruction In both the Amazon Rain Forest and other natural areas of the world over logging and conversion of forests to agriculture has resulted in the loss of native habitat for numerous plants, birds, animals and insects. This is a major reason of extinction in most species. 2. Erosion Erosion of topsoil by wind and water caused by poor farming practices has stripped tons of fertile soil from the land. This has led to conditions such as the great dust bowl in the USA in the 1930s 3. Global warming With the exception of a very limited number of scientists the world wide community of scientists has recognized that man made emissions of green house gases has altered the worlds climate. This has already led to species transference, loss of habitat in the north, and an upward spiral of methane (a powerful greenhouse gas) being emitted from the permafrost in Siberia and Canada. Predicted and observed impacts may include drought, famine, changes in ocean currents and a cooling in Europe. 4. Acid Precipitation The emission of sulfur and nitric oxides from ore smelting and coal burning changed the soil and water pH in much of Europe and North America with the degradation of forest and lake biota. 5. Species extinction and Introduction Human activities have introduced several new species in to the environments locally (Zebra Mussels, fire ants, killer bees, starlings) which cause harm to the local human population and local (native) plants and animals. The near extinction of the bison and cod fish and the extinction of the dodo, geat auk, and others by direct human intervention Read more: ] (More)
Expert Answered
Asked 5/5/2012 4:20:08 AM
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