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Q: What assumptions did you have to be aware of to ensure that they did not interfere with your critical analysis of the situation?
A: Train of Thought The ability to take a random thought and work with the idea or concept can be used as a basis for critical thinking. This works due to the line of questioning used to determine if the thought is valid or not. [ By determining the validity of a random thought, skills relevant to critical thinking are further developed. The skill of being able to follow a thought through from
concept to completion is the same for critical thinking, as relevance is required for a positive outcome. Creativity Creativity is used in critical thinking to assist in moving beyond thoughts and ideas that have become stuck or stalled. The ability to think creatively is aided by random thinking. When one uses random thoughts to help solve problems, the potential for added input becomes available. This is present in situations where critical thinking has reached an impasse, and more creative and unique approaches to the problem are required. Stepping Away from Issues In the midst of handling a problem, issue or task; critical thinking skills can lead to an intense mental challenge due to the analytical nature of critical thinking itself. For those working in such a manner, stepping away and taking a break from the task at hand can yield better results. During periods of rest, or being removed from a project, a person can allow random thoughts to pop in and out of their head. Potentially, one of the random thoughts, seemingly during a period of rest, can later be used as a way to help further resolve issues. Since the mind is still focused on the task at hand, even during periods of rest, random thoughts may be relevant or related to the issue trying to be resolved. Questioning Ability The skill of being able to question one's own thought process is a skill utilized in critical thinking. Random thoughts, when self-questioned for validity and relevance, can help teach the method of using a line of questioning to validate on thought by asking questions about overall relevance. ]
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