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How can a company s website reflect its market segments and target market? What are the characteristics of the target market from the website you reviewed?
ou can create or update a website to better reflect you company's position in the marketplace. [ Your graphics help you set a tone that can be conservative, progressive, upscale, feminine or masculine, authoritative or any other number of attributes you want. You can segment your site to serve different market demographics, as well. Graphics Use the fonts, colors and other graphic elements of a
website to send a message about who the site is targeting. If you want to tell women this is a site for them, use more color and images and a less rigid or compartmentalized design, recommends Holly Buchanan, co-author of, "The Soccer Mom Myth - Today's Female Consumer: Who She Really Is, Why She Really Buys." For older consumers, you might wish to use larger fonts and less animation and video. The most obvious way to send a message about who your website is for is to add images of people in your target market. If you are a local store and your customers are mostly young, affluent, African American men, choose a picture of a well-dressed, young African American male. Women respond to photos of other women, according to Buchanan, who suggests using only a partial face in the photo, to let women place themselves in the scene. ]
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