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Vitamin B12 absorption study with intrinsic factor. User: Services in pathology/laboratory are provided by a physician or by technologists under responsible supervision of a physician User: Complete abdominal ultrasound using real time with image documentation User: The phrase "with contrast" represents contrast material administered intravascularly, intra-articularly, or intrathecally.
Weegy: The answer is true. User: In what section would you locate codes to report venipunctures and arterial punctures? Weegy: A. CPT 76801 Limited OB Ultrasound ( 14 weeks gestation) 76810+ each additional gestation Note: Generally performed one time during current pregnancy Indications 1. to confirm the presence of an intrauterine pregnancy vs. ectopic pregnancy 2. [ [ [ to define the cause of vaginal bleeding 3. to evaluate pelvic pain 4. to estimate gestational age 5. to diagnose or evaluate multiple gestations 6. to confirm cardiac activity after failed attempt with portable Doppler 7. as an adjunct to chronic villous sampling (CVS) 8. to evaluate suspected hydatidiform mole B. CPT 76811 Comprehensive/Targeted OB Ultrasound (> 14 weeks gestation) 76812+ each additional gestation Note: Generally performed one time during current pregnancy unless there is documentation justifying a repeat procedure Note: Will be covered if performed by a registered diagnostic medical sonographer (RDMS) under direct supervision by a physician with specialized training or experience in the subject including a perinatologist and a pediatric cardiologist Indications 1. suspected fetal anomaly or documented marker for aneuploidy during a standard examination (76805) 2. IUGR (EFW 24 cm or a single pocket of fluid at least 8 cm in depth 4. 2-vessel umbilical cord detected at standard OB ultrasound 5. fetal cardiac arrhythmias ] ] ] User: What is the name of the high-frequency sound waves in an imaging process that is used to diagnose patient illness User: In order to file a claim to Medicare, a physician's office submits a ___________ form User: Why would collecting race or ethnicity be considered meaningful use of data? User: Dr. Glover's office has one vendor for their Practice Management software and another for their electronic health record, but the systems are able to communicate with one another without duplicating data entry. The systems are able to: ... (More)
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Asked 12/2/2012 8:42:11 PM
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Family psychotherapy without the patient present. CPT Code:__________
Weegy: The CPT code for Family psychotherapy without the patient present is 90846 . User: Peritoneal dialysis with two (repeated) physician evaluations. CPT Code:__________ Weegy: Use codes 90935 (hemodialysis procedure with single physician evaluation) or 90937 (Hemodialysis procedure requiring repeated evaluations) to report the provision of hemodialysis along with E/M services provided by the physician on the same day. [ As per CPT? guidelines, report these codes for the provision of inpatient hemodialysis to either an ESRD or non-ESRD patient as well as services for an outpatient non-ESRD patient. ] User: Hospital bed, fixed height with rails and mattress.Provide the correct HCPCS Level II code for the hospital bed. HCPCS Code:__________ Weegy: E0290 hospital bed fixed height side rails HCPCS Code Code E0291 hospital bed fixed height side rails HCPCS Code Code (More)
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Asked 12/9/2012 5:05:52 PM
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