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Q: what is the real name kumkumapoovu mahesh?
A: Shalini, the illegitimate daughter of Vanaja, had been brought up by Subhadra Amma, as her own daughter. The child had been brought to her as a baby by Markose. [ Subhadra Amma?s son Mahesh looks upon Vanaja as his own sister. The plot unravels when Mahesh marries Amala, the pampered daughter of Dr. Karunakaran Menon and Vanaja Menon. Storyline : Post-marriage, a jealous Amala suspects Mahesh
of having an affair with Shalini and accuses him openly of the same. An enraged Mahesh slaps Amala , who promptly packs her bags and returns home to her parents. However, the parents convince her otherwise and persuade her to return to her husband. Concerned about Amala, Vanaja probes the truth behind Shalini?s background. Subhadra Amma tells her the truth about Shalini?s adoption. A shocked Vanaja comes to realize that Shalini is her own daughter, whom she had abandoned as a baby. Overcome by guilt and remorse, Vanaja withdraws into a shell, gradually losing interest in her family affairs and her profession. She tries to persuade Amala that her suspicions of Mahesh?s infidelity are groundless. However, Amala only gets further infuriated when she sees her mother?s undue attachment to Shalini and decides to kill Shalini. Sensing Amala?s intentions, Vanaja persuades Subhadra Amma to let her take Shalini to her house. An angry Amala severs all connections with her parents and refuses to even see them. However, Vanaja is happy that she is now reunited with her illegitimate daughter Shalin. She showers love and care upon her. However, the twist in the tale comes when her son Arun (not knowing Shalin?s true parentage) is infatuated by Shalin?s beauty. A shocked Vanaja, now works to resolve the knotty issue to avoid the unseemly possibility of a brother unknowingly falling for his own sister. Source: ]
thederby|Points 1259|
Asked 7/14/2012 8:20:54 AM
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