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, discuss the difference between drug allergies and side effects. Select a drug and give an example of possible allergic reactions and side effects for this drug.
Side effects (or adverse effects) are unwanted negative consequences that you experience while taking the medication or after it. Every label of any medication has ?side effects? section. [ [ You take something to relieve one symptom, and you may get some other unwanted symptoms in other part of your body. The list of adverse effects in the label can be rather big and serious. It doesn?t mean
that you will have all of them, in fact, you may have none. But manufacturers should list all of the possible side effect of your body to the ingredients and chemicals in medication you take. There are several side effects types: - so-called ?mild? side effects, which you can easily tolerate; - ?mild? effects that can be tolerated, but are unpleasant (the desired effect is much higher than the uncomfortable feeling from adverse effect of the drug); - potentially harmful side effects that may itself require treatment; - severe side effects that prone you immediately to stop taking the drug.Drug allergy is an unwanted adverse effect from taking the medication (try not to get confused after reading the definition, as the difference will be clear lower in the article). If you have side effects after taking a drug it doesn?t mean you are allergic to that drug (or its main ingredient). Drug allergy differs from just having side effects from taking a drug. First of all, it includes different symptoms. Among typical symptoms of drug allergy there are: 1.Mild symptoms: Rash Itching Hives Fever 2. Moderate symptoms: Facial swelling (of the upper throat) Difficulty in breathing Falling of blood pressure (very often to dangerously low levels) Irregular heartbeat.n case with side effects, it is very important to use the medication as your doctor proscribes you (follow the dosage and the exact time of taking it (for example, every 4 hours, or 6, 12 hours) and the period of time you take it (7 days, or one month, etc.). ] ]
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Asked 3/2/2012 3:17:13 PM
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