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Q: Martagon lilies are large, ornamental plants with large, pink petals that curl away from the center of the blossom. They are often referred to as Turk's cap lilies, because the shape of the flowers
look very similar to Turkish turbans; furthermore, martagon is Latin for "turban-like." This information supports which of the following general assertions about flowers? 1. Naming flowers is useless because they should only be appreciated for their beauty. 2. It is possible for a flower's name to be unrelated to its genetic makeup. 3. There is no flower that is named after the pope's ceremonial headdress. 4. The more beautiful a flower is, the less likely it can survive in cold temperatures. 5. When a flower is named, it is important to use some sort of Latin terminology.
A: Naming of plants takes place at two distinct levels. Common or vernacular names are completely unregulated, and this can lead to great confusion and duplication. A good example the bulbous plant known in England as the bluebell. [ In Scotland, its name is wild hyacinth and, to a Scot, 'bluebell' means a completely unrelated plant! In the rest of Europe, of course, it has a number of other local
common names. In contrast, the same plant has but one current scientific or botanical name: Hyacinthoides non-scripta. Many plants do not have any vernacular name in general use. Such considerations prompted the development of the present system of scientific nomenclature. ]
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Asked 8/12/2012 10:29:33 AM
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