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describe the main points of agreed procedures about handling medication
Principles of safe and appropriate handling of medicines We have identified eight core principles relating to the safe and appropriate handing of medicines. These apply to every social care setting. 1 People who use social care services have freedom [ of choice in relation to their provider of pharmaceutical care and services including dispensed medicines. 2 Care staff know which medicines each
person has and the social care service keeps a complete account of medicines. 3 Care staff who help people with their medicines are competent. 4 Medicines are given safely and correctly, and care staff preserve the dignity and privacy of the individual when they give medicines to them. 5 Medicines are available when the individual needs them and the care provider makes sure that unwanted medicines are disposed of safely. 6 Medicines are stored safely. 7 The social care service has access to advice from a pharmacist. 8 Medicines are used to cure or prevent disease, or to relieve symptoms, and not to punish or control behaviour. Throughout this section, we will explain how the principle is relevant to handling medicines and have inserted some examples where things can go wrong if the core principle is not part of everyday practice. Page 7 8 Th ]
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