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when you find the domain in an algebriac equation, why do the parentheses supersede the rules,
Weegy: You can override the standard order of evaluation by explicitly grouping part of an expression in parentheses. [ For example, (3+4)*2 evaluates to 14, since the parentheses tell the compiler to evaluate the addition first, even though the multiplication would normally have higher precedence. Don't let the parentheses confuse you into thinking that the parenthesized part has to be evaluated first, by the way - it doesn't. In fact, a is evaluated first here, because we always evaluate the controlling expression of a condition before evaluating either of the two result operands. Associativity and order of evaluation are different things. You can always override the default associativity by using parentheses. Without the parentheses, the calculation would have proceeded from left to right, so we would first have calculated (b-c) and then subtracted d from the result. The parentheses override this, ensuring that the calculation begins by calculating (c-d), then subtracting this from b. ] (More)
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Asked 8/31/2012 4:57:42 AM
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