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Describe how equality and diversity is monitored within your chosen place of work / learning.
You should monitor equality and diversity to examine if your equality policy is working effectively. If you find that it isn't working, ie you find that your workforce is not as diverse as it should be, [ [ you will need to find out why and take action to improve the effectiveness of the policy. For example, if you find that non-white people are underrepresented in your workforce, you could
take positive action, eg include text in job advertisements encouraging members of minority ethnic groups to apply - see the page in this guide on promoting equality and diversity. What is monitoring? Monitoring involves gathering information on the diversity of your potential recruits or existing employees. This data can be compared and analysed against data about other groups of employees in your company, jobseekers in your local community and the national labour market. It is unlikely that you will find exactly the same proportion of men and women or other groups. Monitoring is about looking for significant differences between groups or identifying trends over periods of time and then finding out why. source: ? ... ? Equality and diversity ] ]
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explain the legal,economic and social repercussions for your chosen organisation of not trying to create and maintain a diverse and equal place of work.
Weegy: Diversity in the workplace in itself will not deliver benefits if it is not a place where people feel motivated and included. [ [ Just having a good mix of people, without creating an inclusive environment in which they can flourish could lead to significant challenges. Increasing workplace diversity does not mean integrating people into your workforce by stripping away their sense of identity and individuality. People can work best when they can authentically be themselves. An inclusive culture is complex, the organisation must be cohesive but the culture must be flexible enough to include many different types of people. All employers need to be aware or the Equality Act and ensure that employees and managers understand their rights and responsibilities in this area. As the workplace gets more diverse, making sure you have policies and practices in place to tackle discrimination and create an inclusive culture is vital. Failure to comply with the law can have serious consequences. In addition to costly tribunal claims, there is the risk of significant reputational damage.n an increasingly globalized world, cultural conflict might easily arise when employees from different backgrounds try to work together ] ] User: why the creation and maintenance of an environment that promotes and ensures equality and diversity is desirable. Describe the advantages for the organisation and provide examples. Weegy: Affirmative action legislation and a less than subtle media campaign should place women in a position of super equality. I would not analyze issue of equality and diversity. [ [ Perhaps the reach of the court system's effect on hiring and discharge of protected employees is more the question. ] ] User: Describe the organisation’s punishments or sanctions for any breech in the policies / codes of practice / guidelines where equality and diversity are concerned. Weegy: Please Wait (More)
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