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what tests are easier to score
Weegy: When teachers construct tests, they typically assign different points to different items, depending on the level of difficulty. [ For example, they might assign 1 point to easier items that require students to recall content, 5 points to more difficult items that require students to explain principles, and 10 points to complex items that ask students to apply knowledge. The items worth 1 point are easy to score—they're either right or wrong—so they receive either 1 point or no points. But it gets more complicated with items worth 5 or 10 points. Although it's still easy to assign a score of 0 if an item is completely incorrect or 5 or 10 if an item is completely correct, how does a teacher differentiate among all the scores in the middle? Teachers usually attempt to construct scoring schemes using an incremental approach. For example, for a 10-point item, a teacher might reason that a student got the majority of the content correct and assign a score of 7. However, after scoring a number of tests, the teacher might realize that he or she has begun assigning a score of 9 points for other students' responses to that same item even though the responses have about the same level of accuracy. The teacher would then deliberate as to whose score to change: Should the 9s be 7s or the 7s be 9s? This back-and-forth deliberation becomes even more complicated for items assigned more than 10 points. ] (More)
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Asked 2/22/2013 4:49:41 AM
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