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What are the debates that have taken place regarding the renaming processes of streets,buildings,memorials,places,etc?Which ideologies are these current debates informed by?How different are these
ideologies from those of the past?
thirteen years after the dawn of South Africa’s democracy, [ Cape Town and many other smaller towns in our province hardly have a single street of significance that reflects the heroes and architects of our freedom. [ In fact, in this Province we still live with the daily humiliation of Native Yards (NY1, etc, in Gugulethu) and boulevards named after those who gave us slavery, colonialism,
religious bigotry and apartheid. This is not a black complaint. The Jewish community, too, cringe when Oswald Pirow, a Nazi sympathiser, is valourised. Surely enough time has passed to embark on a wide-ranging debate and campaign to find consensus on how to honour and memorialise the architects of freedom and democracy. When will we allow our children to engage with the legacies of patriots such as Autshumato, Sarah Baartman, Hilda Bernstein, Steve Biko, Molly Blackburn, Basil February, Imam Haron, Adam Kok, Alex La Guma, Chief Albert Luthuli, Sir Richard Luyt, Looksmart Ngudle, Dullah Omar, Gaby Shapiro, Christmas Tinto and many others? I deliberately set out, in my State of the Province Address two weeks ago, to evoke debate on our failure to reflect the changes in our country and honour our heroes across the political divide. In this vein, on behalf of the ANC, I proposed that Cape Town International Airport should be renamed after a son of our Western Cape, James la Guma, a leader of the garment workers in the ICU, a leader against the Stuttaford Segregation Bill in 1939, a World War II veteran, a leader of the Coloured People’s Congress and the Communist Party. We submitted this proposal in humility to kick-start a necessary public engagement that will hopefully take us closer to the common values that bind us together as the people of the Cape and South Africa. Towards deepening this debate, we lined streets across the Western Cape with posters of such freedom loving patriots to bring them to public attention as we commend them to the people for honour. ]
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Asked 1/31/2013 1:36:02 AM
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What are the debates that have taken place regarding the 'renaming processes'-streets,buildings,memorials,places,etc? Which ideologies are those of the current debates informed by? How different are these ideologies from the past
Weegy: They are extremely different, In the process of ‘transforming’ South Africa, towns, streets, dams and air ports are being renamed. [ For instance, Pietersburg has become Polokwane, Stanger has become KwaDukuza, and Pretoria has virtually become Tshwane. Another 50 place name changes are to come. - In Pietermaritzburg some 19 streets were renamed. In Cape Town 37 streets are to be changed. And in Durban 181 new name proposals have caused angry protests from English, Afrikaans, Zulu and Indian South Africans. Johannesburg Airport is now called “O.R. Tambo International Airport”. And people are wondering: Will Cape Town be baptised iKapa and Johannesburg eGoli? Streets and buildings are being renamed after ANC heroes, such as Steve Biko, a Black Consciousness leader who, during the “struggle”, died in prison; or Chris Hani, the assassinated head of the Communist Party; or Joe Slovo, the late alleged KGB colonel/SACP leader who planned means of terror; and after countless lesser lights. John Steenhuisen, the opposition Democratic Alliance’s leader of the Durban Metro caucus, said: “This kick-sand-in-your-face kind of approach from the ANC cannot go unchallenged. They are using their majority in council as a blunt instrument to push their will and narrow party political interests.” Tony Leon, the DA’s former national leader, called the new names “a rogues’ gallery of Third World Revolutionaries.” 1) Even liberation theologians are favoured with street names, e.g. Catholic Archbishop Denis Hurley † and Dr Christiaan Beyers Naudé †, once head of the South African Council of Churches (SACC). Zulu names, too, are to be abolished, such as that of Princess Magogo, the mother of the IFP leader, after whom a Stadium is named, and the Mangosuthu Highway which is called after Buthelezi himself. ] (More)
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