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Q: modern inventions in the field of science and medicine
A: From the days of ancient Egypt up through modern times, the branch of science known as medical science has continued to grow through the many different inventions that have been created throughout the centuries. [ These contributions to the medical field by talented and inspired physicians throughout the world and throughout different cultures have contributed to better understanding of the
human body and its workings. It is hard to narrow the broad spectrum of medical achievements to just 5 because there have been many worthwhile contributions, so I have decided to choose the ones that have interested me the most. One of these is the original prosthetic toe that ancient Egyptians used for walking after they had amputations. The Wikipedia website shows a picture of the wooden and leather prosthetic toe that Egyptian physicians developed for the benefit of the amputee, so that the patient could walk and live his or her life as if they had never had the amputation. What is so amazing about this invention is that it demonstrates how far back the field of medicine has gone and how far the medical field has come since those early days. Prior to seeing the picture on Wikipedia, I never knew that ancient Egyptians had developed prosthetic devices for amputees. I had always believed that prosthetics were invented in modern times. Another amazing contribution to medical science was actually a development in the field of dentistry. According to the Think Quest website, there were false teeth and prostheses made from gold in ancient Rome. " Although little has been discovered about Roman dentistry, there are records that show that false teeth and elaborate dental prostheses were made from gold." I never think of ancient cultures as having such modern tools and devices, so every time I discover through research and reading that some of the medical and dental tools that we have now have existed in some form of the ancient past, I am truly surprised. ]
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Asked 11/13/2012 4:46:41 AM
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