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describe the impact of specific conditions on the correct movement and positioning of an individual
1 This about how working with someone who has osteoporosis, [ arthritis or pressure sores etc will affect the way that you move and handle them. 2 Under legislation you have many duties not only in what you do eg health and safety but also in how you respect the individual and include them in their own care. You must also follow your setting's policies and procedures and each individual will
have their own care plan (agreed ways of working) which must be adhered to. ]
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1. Consider the weight of the patient together with the weight of the stretcher or other equipment being carried and determine if additional help is needed. 2. Know your physical ability and limitations. [ Know your combined ability with your partner. If absolutely necessary, you can ask bystanders to help. You or your partner must be in charge and give the orders, not the bystander. 3. Lift without twisting. Avoid any kind of swinging motion when lifting as well. 4. Position your feet shoulder width apart with one foot slightly in front of the other. Wear proper boots that go above the ankle to protect your feet and help keep a firm footing. Boots should have nonskid soles. 5. Communicate clearly and frequently with your partner. Decide ahead of time how you will move the patient and what verbal commands will be used. Also, tell the patient what you will be doing ahead of time. A startled patient may reach out or grab something and cause a loss of balance. source:
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There are many conditions that can impact on movement and positioning of people. People with arthritis normally have stiff painful joints and are limited movement in certain areas. When moving or positioning a person it is important to take care doing this so there is reduced pain and discomfort. Some people may suffer from cerebral palsy, as a result of this, some of their muscles may be contracted or joints will be causing a fixed rigid limb. Anyone who is looking after someone who has cerebral palsy will need to ensure they use effective communication and be careful whilst moving and handling them.

***If you have someone who has had a stroke this may cause them to loose the use of their limbs which mean that it is important to remember that you dress the bad side first and undress it last. This is so you are not pulling their muscles in the direction they won’t go.

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When moving an individual you must take into account if they have any conditions that acquire special moving techniques. Here are a few examples;
Individuals with Parkinson’s may have limb rigidity which can affect their ability of movement and cause limitations. When moving the individual into different positions you must make sure to force the rigid limbs as this can cause further pain and discomfort.
Individuals that have had a stroke often have long-term and devastating weakness down one side of their body. When moving that individual you must be aware of the extent of the stroke and on which side of the body has been effected.

(2013, 02). Unit 232. Retrieved 02, 2013, from
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describe the impact of specific conditions on the correct movement and positioning of an individual.
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