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What issues led to the Filipino Insurrection? How was this conflict perceived in the United States?
Filipino Insurrection against US Fighting broke out in the Philippines on the night of February 4th, 1899, after an American patrol shot a Filipino guerrilla. [ When the Spanish authorities in Manila yielded the capital of the Philippine Islands to American forces under Admiral George Dewey in August 1898, they knew the game was up and they much preferred to surrender to the Americans than to
the native Filipino nationalists who were waging a guerrilla war against them. The Spaniards made it a condition that none of the guerrillas be allowed in the city, and none were. The demand for liberation from Spain had been escalating in the Philippines since the 1880s and in 1892 a poor warehouseman named Andres Bonifacio founded a resistance group called the Katipunan ('Highest and Most Respectable Society of the Sons of the People'), dedicated to driving the Spaniards from the islands. Fighting broke out in 1896, the authorities mounted a reign of terror and the Katipunan was taken over by a rival leader, Emilio Aguinaldo, who removed Bonifacio from his path by the simple expedient of having him executed. Aguinaldo, who was half-Chinese, also called himself General Miong. Despite General Miong's prowess, however, the rebels were overmatched and were forced back into the hills. In 1897 Aguinaldo accepted a substantial bribe from Spain to remove himself to Hong Kong, but he returned in May 1898, with Admiral Dewey's assistance, to help the Americans defeat the Spaniards. ]
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How did American foreign policy become more interventionist (aggressive) from the 1890s into the twentieth century?
Weegy: America?s Age of Imperialism was relatively short-lived, and somewhat anomalous in terms of overall US history. [ [ For a few brief years in the 1890s, the US aggressively pursued overseas colonies, holding on to those colonies even in the face of indigenous resistance and, unlike its handling of continental territories, offering the new colonies no pathway toward equal statehood and citizenship. The Filipino Insurrection of 1899 to 1902 provides a particularly unsettling episode in terms of how Americans generally like to remember their past. Having driven the Spanish out of the Philippines, the US ignored the Filipinos? demand for independence, for which they had been fighting against the Spanish for several years, and instead took possession of the islands, treating the Filipinos as colonial subjects. For several years, Americans and Filipinos fought over the destiny of the Philippines in a brutal conflict which cost the lives of hundreds of thousands?perhaps even more than a million?Filipino civilians. ] ] (More)
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