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Which work BEST represents a revolutionary shift in the structure of writing during the modern era? A. Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness B. Aldous Huxley's Brave New World C. George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion D. James Joyce's Ulysses
Weegy: The answer is James Joyce's Ulysses. User: One modernist author who examined racism and oppression through a story of friendship between an Englishman and an Indian was A. James Conrad. B. Virginia Woolf. C. E. M. Forster. D. D. H. Lawrence. Weegy: I think it should be C. E. M. Forster User: While many authors in the modern era delve into life in contemporary society, others choose to examine future trends for society. Which author represents the BEST example of this? A. George Orwell B. T. S. Eliot C. Joseph Conrad D. James Joyce Weegy: The correct answer is A. George Orwell. User: Which modernist writer contributed to the Irish literary revival with a collection of stories about Irish experiences? A. Ezra Pound B. D. H. Lawrence C. James Joyce D. George Bernard Shaw Weegy: B. D. H. Lawrence (More)
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Asked 3/8/2013 3:57:52 PM
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Which literary form experienced a great rise in popularity during the Edwardian era? A. poems B. essays C. short stories D. one-act plays
Weegy: During the Edwardian Era short stories experienced a great rise in popularity. User: At the turn of the twentieth century, England was experiencing A. a peak in world power. B. a great economic recession. C. a period of religious fervor. D. a decline in productivity. Weegy: B. a great economic recession. User: During the modern era, Great Britain A. returned to a monarchy with divine rule. B. enjoyed an unprecedented cultural renaissance. C. escaped the ravages of war nearly unscathed. D. underwent massive shifts in terms of world power. Weegy: During the modern area, Great Britain D. underwent massive shifts in terms of world power. User: During the first half of the twentieth century, writers such as T. S. Eliot used verbal pictures to communicate ideas in a movement called A. naturalism. B. visualism. C. imagism. D. sensorism. Weegy: B. visualism User: The setting of Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness is a British colony on foreign soil. This work provides the BEST example of which of the following? A. literature manipulating world events for mass appeal B. an author's use of plot to develop the setting C. literature reflecting the historical context in which it is written D. an author's use of characterization to establish mood Weegy: C. literature reflecting the historical context in which it is written User: As a result of the Great Depression, England A. enlisted the help of China to help rebuild its damaged infrastructure. B. established a common European currency. C. joined forces with Canada to become a major world power. D. embarked on a long road of rebuilding. Weegy: d User: How did King Edward VII influence British society at the beginning of the twentieth century? A. He considered travel and leisure to be valuable pursuits. B. He thought tradition in dress and in speech was very important. C. He was a compassionate man who devoted his life to charitable causes. D. He was a man of few ... (More)
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Asked 3/8/2013 3:54:43 PM
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