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How much do nigerian army pay its newly recruited soldiers.How is thier salary structure
Weegy: men, [ i'm almost a soldier myself as i've stayed/lived in the barracks for about 26 years of my life(my dad was in the military). the question to ask yourself is: whats my motive of joining the army?-money or admiration for the uniform? if its the money,, then sorry,the pay is not good(about 65k or so) if its the uniform,then be reminded that we are in a civilian era and that they've got only little to offer you. but the final advice is to follow you mind, hey,someone has to do the job! ] (More)
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Asked 7/6/2013 12:12:57 AM
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in the capitalist economy,business and financial institution operate with the view of making profit.this is contrary to what operates in the socialist economies.discuss in details.
Weegy: Economies of scale are reductions in average costs attributable to production volume increases. [ They typically are defined in relation to firms, which may seek to achieve economies of scale by becoming large or even dominant producers of a particular type of product or service. A distinction can be made between internal and external economies of scales. Internal economies of scale occur when a firm reduces costs by increasing production. External economies of scale occur when an entire industry benefits from expansion; for example, through the creation of an improved transportation system, a skilled labor force, or by sharing technology. Economies of scope are reductions in average costs attributable to an increase in the number of goods produced. For example, fast food outlets have a lowe+r average cost producing a multitude of goods than would separate firms producing the same goods. This occurs because the preparation of the multiple products can share storage, preparation, and customer service facilities (joint production). ] ] (More)
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Asked 7/6/2013 6:55:33 AM
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what is branch banking
Weegy: Branch banking is engaging in banking activities such as accepting deposits or making loans at facilities away from a bank's home office. [ Branch banking has gone through significant changes since the 1980s in response to a more competitive nationwide financial services market. Financial innovation such as internet banking will greatly influence the future of branch banking by potentially reducing the need to maintain extensive branch networks to service consumers. ] (More)
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Updated 7/10/2013 7:07:46 AM
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When you copy and paste information from another website, please always remember to cite your source.

Please read the Weegy rules
Added 7/10/2013 7:07:46 AM
who is 2face
Weegy: No, 2Face Idibia is not dead. (More)
Updated 7/6/2013 10:14:20 AM
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Innocent Ujah Idibia,
- better known by his stage name 2Face Idibia, is a Nigerian singer, song-writer and record producer. He is one of the most successful hip pop artists in Nigeria.

Added 7/6/2013 10:14:20 AM
who is d banj
Weegy: He is not a member of Church of Satan (More)
Updated 7/7/2013 4:24:19 PM
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D'banj is a Nigerian singer-songwriter and harmonica player. His full name is Dapo Daniel Oyebanjo.
Added 7/7/2013 4:24:19 PM
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