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What role do socioeconomic conditions play in the increased risk for infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, influenza and hepatitis?
Captainmarvel Captainmarvel: 8 months ago Socioeconomic conditions play a significant but not a total role as evidenced by the conditions in the poorest part of the world. [ - Sub-Saharan Africa will remain the region most affected by the global infectious disease phenomenon- accounting for nearly half of infectious disease-caused deaths worldwide. Sixty-five percent of all deaths in
Sub-Saharan Africa are caused by infectious diseases. Rudimentary health care delivery and response systems, the unavailability or misuse of drugs, the lack of funds, and the multiplicity of conflicts are exacerbating the crisis. ]
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The major linking socioeconomic factor that is a gate-way to many other factors that put people at risk of certain diseases is Lack of finance. When people lack money they can not have access to education, housing, food, drinking water, clothing and preventive devices. For example, tuberculosis and influenza can be prevented by good hygienic practices such as covering your mouth when sneezing, but people of low socioeconomic class may not have gone to school to understand this basic concept; Overgrowing is one factor that favors the risk of influenza and tuberculosis, many people of low socioeconomic levels live in crowded houses that put them at risk of these diseases; exposure to cold places an individual at risk of influenza, people of low socioeconomic status may lack the money to buy cloths to prevent cold; condoms may be used to prevent transmission of hepatitis, but people may not have money to purchase them; vaccination against hepatitis is a good way to prevent the disease, but people of low socioeconomic class may not have the money to do this; the most disturbing problem is that people of low socioeconomic status may lack knowledge on these disses-hence they may be exposed to an infected person without even knowing. The factors are many.........
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