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explain the difference between a drug allergy and a side effect. Why might a patient confuse the two? How would you explain the difference to him or her? Use your book as well as reliable Internet
sources to give specific examples of each. Include in your explanation how the responsibilities of a medical assistant differ in these two circumstances
Drug allergy is an unwanted adverse effect from taking the medication (try not to get confused after reading the definition, [ as the difference will be clear lower in the article). If you have side effects after taking a drug it doesn’t mean you are allergic to that drug (or its main ingredient). Drug allergy differs from just having side effects from taking a drug. Side effects (or adverse
effects) are unwanted negative consequences that you experience while taking the medication or after it. Every label of any medication has ‘side effects’ section. You take something to relieve one symptom, and you may get some other unwanted symptoms in other part of your body. The list of adverse effects in the label can be rather big and serious. It doesn’t mean that you will have all of them, in fact, you may have none. But manufacturers should list all of the possible side effect of your body to the ingredients and chemicals in medication you take. ]
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Drawing on the material covered in the lesson as well as any relevant personal experience, discuss two or three signs that could indicate a patient is attempting to be prescribed controlled substances. What actions should be taken in this situation?
Weegy: Use of Controlled Substances Controlled substances can be effective in the treatment of illness, pain, and disease and must, therefore, be accessible to persons who medically need them. [ [ These same drugs, however, have the capacity to cause addiction, injury, impairment, and death when abused, misused or diverted to illegal use. Prescribing Controlled Substances Practitioners in good faith and in the course of their professional practice are encouraged to prescribe controlled substances for legitimate medical purposes, including pain management, when appropriate. Practitioners are expected to regulate the dosage and prescribe a quantity of such drugs that ordinarily are recognized by members of their profession as sufficient for the proper treatment or medical purpose.The state does not monitor controlled substance prescribing solely based upon the quantity prescribed. A practitioner should utilize sound professional judgment when prescribing controlled substances and must maintain a patient record containing sufficient information to justify the diagnosis and warrant the treatment. Such information shall include at least: patient identification data; chief complaint; patient condition; and the prescribed amount, strength and directions for use. The record need not be distinct from the patient's medical record. ] ] (More)
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discuss two or three signs that could indicate a patient is attempting to be prescribed controlled substances. What actions should be taken in this situation?
Weegy: Describe the demographics of prescription drug abuse.* Identify the dangers associated with the nonmedical use of prescription drugs.* Recognize the patient characteristics and techniques that may suggest the possibility of diversion.* Discuss the [ legal risks and responsibilities that arise from the diversion of drugs. Implement strategies to reduce diversion.* If your patient can not follow through with these procedures they are more than likely going to abuse the substance they obtain. ] (More)
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