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Q: what are the four steps to the briefing process
A: There are four types of Army briefings: the information briefing, the decision briefing, the mission briefing, and the staff briefing. They are briefly described below. 1. Information Briefing. [ The information briefing delivers information in a form the audience can understand and use. It does not include conclusions or recommendations. It does not require decisions. 2. Decision Briefing. A
decision briefing obtains an answer to a question or results in a decision on a course of action. It presents the recommended solution resulting from analysis or study of a problem or problem area. Decision briefings vary in formality and detail, depending on the level of command and the decision makers’ knowledge of the subject. 3. Mission Briefing. A mission briefing’s goal is to secure a coordinated or unified effort toward accomplishing the mission. It often involves the exchange of information, the announcement of decisions within a command, the issuance of directives, or the presentation of guidance. 4. Staff Briefing. The staff briefing may have characteristics of information briefings, decision briefings, and mission briefings. The purpose of a staff briefing is to coordinate unit efforts by informing the commander and staff of the current situation. The person who convenes the staff briefing sets the agenda. Staff representatives each present relevant information from their functional areas. Staff briefings may involve exchange of information, announcement of decisions, issuance of directives, or presentation of guidance. ............ ]
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The four steps to the briefing process are: Analyze, construct, deliver, follow-up.

***When you present a military brie?ng, use the following four-step process to cover all the
essential areas:

1. Plan: Analyze the situation and prepare a brie?ng outline

2. Prepare: Construct the brie?ng

3. Execute: Deliver the brie?ng

4. Assess: Follow up.

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