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Q: Need to copy and paste the "lab courses Go Virtual" by Thomas F.Edgar, from Gale Powersearch and can't find it, can you help me please..
A: Thomas F. Edgar is a professor at the University of Texas at Austin in the field of chemical engineering. [ His work Lab Courses Go Virtual is all about exploring using the virtual world to educate students in science and engineering via the virtual world of the internet. With the new generation of college students that are currently entering as freshman, they have never known a world without
the internet. Many of them don't know how to use a library to find research works, but they do know how to Google. For these reasons and more, he recommends using the internet as a tool to help teach core subjects and more. The rise of virtual studying Many students are using the internet to attend most of not all of their courses these days, and some of the more difficult courses to learn in a virtual environment are math and science. Professor Edgar proposes a number of different ways to get around this problem and improve online education. Here are just a few of his proposals: Interactive chat sessions so students may have one on one questions answered by a professor Recorded lessons that can be re-watched at any time Online student forums sorted by subject With these additions to the online classroom, Edgar believes that tough subjects such as math and science can be taught effectively. The benefits of these developments More and more colleges and universities have online class options and are seeing a growth in popularity among young students and it's a great way to get older adults back in school to further their education. It is also cost-effective for the school as well since online courses with online materials are less costly than a traditional class that students attend. Check out your local college or university today and see what online options they have available. › Georgia ]
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Asked 11/9/2012 1:29:36 AM
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