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Q: When command is transferred, then all personnel with a need to know should be told: A. The effective time and date of the transfer B. The limits of the Incident Commander's scope of authority C. The
Incident Commander's cell phone number D. The qualifications of the incoming Incident Commander 11. Which Section is responsible for handling claims related to property damage, injuries, or fatalities at the incident? A. Finance/Administration Section B. Operations Section C. Planning Section D. Logistics Section 12. Representatives from Assisting or Cooperating Agencies and Organizations coordinate through: A. Public Information Officer B. Operations Section Chief C. Logistics Section Chief D. Liaison Officer 13. An individual assuming the role of the Deputy Incident Commander must: A. Have prior experience predicting workloads and potential staffing needs B. Have served as a Branch Director within the current organization C. Be equally capable of assuming the Incident Commander role D. Be a representative of the jurisdiction at the incident 14. Who is responsible for determining the appropriate tactics for an incident? A. The Planning Section B. The Operations Section C. The Deputy Incident Commander D. The Safety Officer 15. Select the TRUE statement: A. Formal communication is used in reporting progress of assigned tasks B. Formal communication requires the use of written reports to document all interactions C. Informal communication is the preferred method for communicating resource needs D. Informal communication is prohibited within the Incident Command System 16. The information and intelligence function may be organized in one of the following ways: * Within the Command Staff * As a Unit Within the Planning Section * As a Branch Within the Operations Section * ____________________________________ A. As a separate General Staff Section B. Under the Communications Unit within Logistics C. Outside the command structure for security reasons D. At a separate Incident Command Post 17. Select the TRUE statement: A. A lower ranking but more qualified person may not be designated as the Incident Commander B. Upon arriving at an incident the higher ranking person will either assume command, maintain command as is, or reassign command to a third party C. Transfer of command procedures are implemented at the Emergency Operations Center before the Incident Commander arrives at the scene D. When a new Incident Commander assumes command, the outgoing Incident Commander should be demobilized to avoid confusion 18. ICS Form 201: A. Contains status information for briefing the incoming Incident Commander or team, or other resources B. Allows a Single Resource Boss to track major activities during each operational period C. Lists all resources and organization assignments for the upcoming operations period D. Is completed by the Safety Officer in order to address safety concerns and identify mitigation measures 19. The Medical Unit is responsible for the development of the Medical Plan, obtaining medical aid, and: A. Provision of emergency services to injured victims at the accident scene B. Coordination with public health service to determine where critical resources are deployed C. Authorization prior to purchases of any medical supplies and services D. Transportation for injured and ill incident personnel 20. Which General Staff position conducts tactical operations, develops the tactical objectives and organization, and directs all tactical resources? A. Operations Section Chief B. Logistics Section Chief C. Planning Section Chief D. Finance/Administration Section Chief 21. Select the TRUE statement: A. ICS encourages the use of unique position titles in order to better meet the specific incident needs B. ICS positions may be combined in order to save on staffing or achieve a higher level of efficiency C. ICS recognizes that an Incident Commander may not be necessary if an Operations Section Chief is assigned D. ICS organizational structure should include only the functions and positions needed to achieve the incident objectives 22. The Operational Period Briefing: A. Provides an orientation to individual resources at the beginning of their assignments B. Presents the Incident Action Plan (IAP) for the upcoming period to supervisory personnel C. Sets forth the specific tasks, reporting relationships, and expectations for support staff D. Helps keep the public and media informed about the incident status and operational accomplishments 23. Branches within the ICS organization can be established: A. Within Groups to organize resources B. Geographically or functionally C. Under the supervision of a Leader D. Along agency jurisdictional lines < Previous
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